Direct Depositing your Tax Refund on your Fancard is a Breeze!

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When you set up Direct Deposit on your Fancard, you're automatically entered to win tickets to see your favorite team!
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Receive 24/7 fraud and identity protection made possible by Mastercard®.
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How To Set Up Direct Deposit with Tips below!

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Three #protips about Direct Deposit 

According to the IRS...

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Faster Than a Check 

File taxes electronically with Direct Deposit process in under 3 weeks on average without delays. Mail averages 6 weeks or more.

Allocate Up To 3 Accounts

On Form 8888, you can split your refund across three accounts! Spend some, save some; it's up to you.

Stimulus Payments 

Receiving stimulus payments is based on your latest tax refund. Take control of future payments with direct deposit.

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